Subtle Changes

February 22, 2014 2 min read


Here are a few photographs of the progress of my Gordon Setter painting. Painting is similar to life, because we all have goals that we are moving towards. During the activity, there are conundrums that creep up that we didn’t count on. In the middle of the process, we may notice the negative conditions happening more than the positive advances. We attend to the troubled areas and spend our time reacting to them. We might even think all is lost and question the point of our original goal.

Painting is this way for me. In the beginning, I am very excited to start the work and have visions of it being the best work I have ever done. Throughout the process, I start to detect issues that I didn’t conceive of. I react to these unexpected developments by making corrections to fifty percent towards what I want it to look like. To get it perfect in one painting session may not be realistic. If tomorrow I take it to an additional fifty percent towards the goal and repeat the process day after day, each period I can see the improvements. These subtle changes are what make the journey exciting. The complications exist to magnify the headway that continually takes place. Perhaps it is a glass half full attitude, but without this mindset I might become an abstract expressionist. "Not that there's anything wrong with that" as Jerry Sienfeld said.

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