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Have you ever woke up feeling uninspired or not really know what you should do today?  I want to share with you a simple fix with a couple of dollars’ worth of tools that I use daily to self-direct my day and fix my attitude towards the direction I need to go. It’s a cheap composition book, a blue pen, and a black pen. These simple tools used like I am going to show will absolutely revolutionize your day and life.

"Your Decisions today will define your tomorrow."

Have you ever had a great idea and then forgot it, or a missed appointment? Have you ever woke up without a real direction to head today, so you spend too much time scrolling on your phone, only to feel guilty that you know you could have used the time a little better at the end of the day?

The simple tools I am going to show you and how you use them will be the cure for these common experiences we have all suffered through.

Get a blank composition book and your blue pen. Now it can be any color really so if Purple is more your color use that. Turn to the first page of the book where you would have a blank page on the left and right. This would be page 2 and 3 in the book.  We want our first three pages to be blank. Turn the page one more time and now you would be on pages 4 and 5.

On the left page, page 4, the first thing we are going to do is put today's date at the top of the page along with an equals sign at the far right of the top line.

Underneath this, we will make a box and write “Five Ideas.” Place five dots under the box.

The next line we make a box and write “Verse” leave a few lines and draw another box and write Top 3 Task along with three dots

Finally, draw a box and write Orders.  The page to the right of this we leave blank for use later.

Now the titles can be customized because you might find a superior one that fits your better. For example, the title “Verse” might be better as Inspiration for you. Let me know in the comments because I am always interested in learning more and improving this art journal.

Let’s start with 5 ideas and why you can do this. Do you know that your mind is stronger and more powerful than any supercomputer on the planet? You can think of something new whereas the computer just does what it is told. The computer can’t invent something new, whereas you, especially you, because you are an artist, can come up with ideas left and right. Now they might not all be good ideas, but still, they count as ideas. You have a gold mine or I should say, a “gold mind” right between your ears. Often time’s people allow this “gold mind” to go untapped for their entire life, taking all their potential to the grave with them for a variety of reasons. I want to show you how to get the good stuff out of your “gold mind.” Now just like a real gold mine you don’t walk up and go into the cave and there’s nothing but gold sitting there refined into gold bars and ready for the marketplace.

You are going to need to dig through some dirt and wash it away from the rocks to get at the gold. Sometimes you might find fool’s gold and get excited and that’s ok too. The important thing is you are working your “gold mind.” 

Each day at a time that works for you, sit down and with your black pen, ( a different color from the titles) write down five things that will improve your art business, specifically your art business. Other ideas that come to you can be written down but do it on the right side of this journal where we have that blank sheet.

Here we want to just focus on your art business. Now, this is going to be difficult at first. Just like walking up to a side of a mountain and there’s not even a cave. You are going to have to dig. In our case, there a bunch of things keeping all those ideas locked up in that “gold mind.” Most of the stuff that keeps us from reaching our genius is built over years and it might be difficult to set that stuff aside one scoop at a time to reach this potential in your head. However, when you do get through all the reasons why you can’t or won’t do this, ideas will start to flow and now we have something to work with.

These ideas do not have to be good in the beginning, you are forming a new habit so chances are they will be pretty lousy ideas but that’s ok, you are beginning to dig. You are removing dirt debris from the entrance to your gold mind. For example, you might write,

  1. Hold my latest artwork up on the street and shout art for sale to cars passing by.
  2. Dress up like in a clown costume and stand out in front of my house as cars go by and shout art sale.
  3. Go door to door with my latest artwork and see if someone will buy it.
  4. Go visit my local gallery and ask them if they need a new artist.
  5. Go to art festivals, after COVID 19 is done, and talk to the artists and see if they can help me make a living at my art.

Now that’s a lot of dirt and rocks you just removed, and all of these ideas are bad, for a ton of reasons, and yet

They have a seed of greatness in them. There is something there to work with if they are refined. There might be a little gold dust clinging to them. I have actually done all five of these over the last 30 years and they all failed miserably, but each one brought a seed of success with it that I didn’t anticipate. Now I don’t recommend you do them, but later if you would like I will tell you how they turned into something good to my surprise.

As you form the habit of filling in your five ideas daily, you will find it difficult at first.

However, sometimes, for whatever reason, perhaps you had the right kind of pizza last night, they flow like water. Write them all down on the right side of the paper if you fill-up the first five spots, you could break through to some really interesting stuff on this type of day. Every person has brilliant ideas hiding inside their "gold mind" if they will just take the time to get them out.

Now I do this 6 days a week. I try not to think on Sunday and rest the mind for that day. So if a person does this for one week you’ll have 30 ideas that you did not have before. In a month you’ll have on average 120 ideas on how you can make your art business better. That’s a lot of ideas. If you had to think of all 120 in the next ten minutes it would be overwhelming, but five a day is manageable. It’s like eating an elephant, one bite at a time

 After one year, you will have 1,560 ideas. That’s quite a cave you’ve dug and I guarantee you will have found some choice ideas out of the 1,560 ideas that came out of your gold mind. You really only need a few to make your art business really boom.

Here’s one thing that is so incredible about this method, they are your original ideas. You own them. What’s locked away in that beautiful mind of yours, the world would never have known, most importantly, you would never have known unless you found a way to get them out. This is a systematic way of digging them out of your mind.

You have just made an idea factory that most people can do, but would rather not. People will tell you that, that you must be so smart, talented, good at business, and a ton of other things, but in reality, you just have a "gold mind". All people arrive on planet earth equipped with a “gold mind” at birth. Just not everyone has been told this secret on how to work the gold mind. I learned it from a man named Earl Nightingale, just so you don’t think it’s original with me and I am sure someone told him about as well.

Because you have just received it for free, you might not place much value on what you have just heard. I can fix that too. You might not have a really cool composition book and two different color pens in your home right now. I have a link to Amazon where you can get the same exact book and pens that I use. You can purchase these items and now you have made your first financial investment in your gold mind and you won’t feel guilty about taking this unlimited idea resource that I just gave to you for free. 

For the Pens:

For the Journal:

 One side note: keep these five daily ideas to yourself, don’t share them with anyone. Just do them with action, and not tell everyone what you are going to do.

There’s a proverb I like that says, a dream comes about with a multitude of business, whereas a fool is known by his multitude of words.

I want to take this one more step. Imagine an NFL Football team stepping out on to the field. They have the attitude of a winning team. They have practiced and done the work necessary to put them in this position today. For our purposes, they also have a playbook. This playbook isn’t shared with anyone, not on the team. They know the plays and they have a plan on how they are going to employ that playbook. 

The other team is you and your buddies straight from the side street where you play some pickup games. You are now facing this NFL team. For our purposes let us say it’s the 2017 Cleveland Browns who went 0-16 that year. Your team is really talented, however. You yourself have talent in spades. Exciting right?

You win the coin toss and your team gets the ball first. You are the quarterback, you notice Jimmy has stuff running down his leg in the huddle. He’s the center. You tell Stevie to go long and everybody else, block the opponents. You clap your hands and say break. This is your playbook.

You didn’t know the other side was going to show up prepared to make you a grass stain. They need this win after the 2017 season. Don’t worry, you are talented. You forgot to tell your teammates to hike on three so you shout it out to your team. The Cleveland Browns just smile while looking as if you are a thanksgiving turkey. ( Picture of turkey on a plate) (Crowd cheering in the background) Hike Hike Hike you say. Oh, this is bad. Can you see it in your mind?

Now you might say who would be dumb enough to take the field like that? You would be right.

I use this illustration because you are not the side street team and if you are going to make money with your art you have just entered the professional art league. You will need a playbook on how to make money at this game. You are making a playbook by getting these ideas down on paper. Just like the other team did. They don’t sell playbooks on Amazon. You have to build your own. This 5 idea system is how you do that.

I want you to see yourself at the end of the month. You’ll have 120 ideas. Maybe you are so smart and talented, that you have 10 good ideas out of the 120. These go into another book called your playbook. Keep this in a safe place and keep adding to it when you get a good idea. Develop the ideas best as you can with a few details about the moving parts. How it is employed.

What’s great about this is say 9/11 happens or the 2008 housing crises or COVID 19 decides to make its appearance. Everyone is scrambling and so are you, but you have a playbook that you have been developing. This playbook may only get you three yards each down during these difficult times, but at least you are moving forward while other people are ending their season and may never take the field again.

I will say more about this playbook at a later date but we need to start digging those ideas out of your mind today. If you were only going to do one thing that I suggest in this art journal I would say do these 5 ideas a day.

In a future post, I will say more about this Art Business Journal and explain the other four steps.

For the Pens:

For the Journal:

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