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When I was a kid I joined the Navy as a cook. On my first ship, we set sail in the Pacific. I knew how to make scrambled eggs, but sailing to Hawaii was something that I just trusted the Captain and officers knew how to do. The yellow bottles represent the officers in the Navy with their “scrambled eggs” on the brim of their hats. The clear syrup bottle represents me, a lowly cook in the Navy. “Sentries” is about trusting authority that has been placed over each one of us for our benefit and in the services they provide. If I had to set sail for a destination in the Navy, I would have been lost and eventually shark food, which is weird to say, because the cook would become a meal.

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Kathleen Kirchoff
Kathleen Kirchoff

May 25, 2020

It is hard to say which i love more , the painting or the stories that go with It.
As an art teacher I am awed by the technical skill of capturing light and transparency of glass. But the story touches my heart with memories of my military family this Memorial Day. Both of my parents were Marines who served in the Korean War. “Son of a Sea Cook” was one of their colorful exclamations when upset so my brother got a bit of teasing about his KP duty when joined the Corps. I learned about “Scrambled Eggs” on officers hats as sulky teen drug to events to honor Veterans before enjoying the beach on three day weekends. Now I wish my family were alive to share your paintings with them. But I will share them with my students and hope to see you at the next Cottonwood Art Festival.

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