Deposit for a 9" x 12" Framed Oil Portrait of YOUR Dog


Michael Steddum accepts a small number of commissions each year. Each portrait will be lovingly crafted using the more than twenty years experience and education of the artist. Steddum, a dog lover himself, knows how important dogs are to a family and will bring you the very best portrait that money can buy.

The price for a 9" x 12" framed portrait is $695.00.

The process is rather simple and you will be thrilled with the results. 

Step One. Contact the artist.

Step Two. Let's get some photographs together. If you already have some you like great and if not, below is "how to guide" so you can get them.

Step Three. Sit back and watch your painting take place with regular updates sent directly to you as the painting progresses. It really is this simple and you will have a portrait that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

The Photoshoot (A great article on this is here.)

In order to bring you the highest quality portrait that captures the personality of your dog, you will need to provide five (5) quality photographs of your dogs. In order to capture the photographs needed, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Have your camera ready. For the best quality photograph, a camera with a zoom lens is preferred. Try to provide detailed photographs from a decent camera.
  2. Get a favorite toy or treat for your dog but do not let them see that you have this toy or treat. Just slip it into a helpers pocket.
  3. Get a helper. Preferably someone with whom you have good communication and can remain calm throughout the photo-shoot as this will greatly benefit the dog. Your helper should be the one to hold the toy, but be sure not to squeak or draw unnecessary attention to it just yet.
  4. Go outside. The shade or a cloudy day is preferred. The background does not matter. It could be the siding of your house, just as long as it isn't in direct sunlight. Have your dog sit and stay.
  5. Walk five feet away from the dog and kneel to eye-level. Your helper should stand behind you while you’re kneeling. Imagine an umpire and a catcher; this is how the two of you should be situated.
  6. Just above your head, the helper should move the toy side to side, holding the dog’s attention. This motion should provide you with intense shots of a focused dog. 
  7. Email the photographs to Michael Steddum.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Be sure that both you and your helper remain calm during the photo-shoot so that the dog is comfortable.
  2. Do not run or exercise your dog before the shoot; this will cause the tongue to hang out.
  3. Your dog must be able to sit and stay on command.
  4. Avoid shooting at high noon or in the glaring sunlight.
  5. The best headshots are eye level and should include just the head and shoulders.
  6. The background of your photographs is unimportant.
  7. Professional photographs of your dog cannot be used. The photographs must be your own and permission to use them must be granted to Michael Steddum.
  8.  When the painting is complete, Steddum may produce a limited edition print, note cards or other products with the image. He will retain all copyrights to the painting, and you may not use the painting in any advertisement or moneymaking opportunities without Steddum’s prior written consent.
  9. If you do not live in the United States, your country may charge customs when you pick up your painting at your post office. Customs are your responsibility as every country taxes their citizens differently.

Now What?

After you have emailed your photographs, you and the artist will have a direct line of communication. This is when you will be able to express what you want for the portrait. Is there a particular background you would prefer? You may describe your vision to Steddum via email or via phone: (417) 434-6870

Once your vision is discussed, Steddum will then work to create preliminary drawings for you. After your approval of these drawings, the painting will begin.

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