Framed Oil Painting of your Vizsla by Michael Steddum


For a limited time, Michael Steddum is offering an incredible opportunity for an original oil painting of your Vizsla.

  • Framed Oil Painting 9" x 12"
  • Framed Size is 13" x 16"
  • Head Study with a colored background (similar to as shown)
  • Shipped to you in a custom-made wood crate

This offer is for a framed oil painting of your Vizsla You will provide the photographs and after that, you can sit back and watch your painting come to life. Michael will send text messages or emails of your painting as it progresses so you can watch the progress.

The painting is a head study only and will have a colored background similar to the one shown here. The color can be different, but it will be pulled out from the color in your Vizsla

You will love the results of this painting and it will be a cherished work of art in your home for you to enjoy.

This oil painting will be framed and shipped to you in a custom-made, wooden box to ensure it will arrive at your door in perfect condition. When you open the crate you will notice that the painting will exceed all of your expectations in so many ways. It will be ready to hang on your wall and even includes a secure hanger.

The paintings will all be completed before May 30th. Because of this deadline, photographs must be provided within 30 days. I recommend that you read the following article about "How to Photograph your Vizsla." 

Three things of note about the photographs.

1. I cannot use photos that were taken by anyone that isn't you. By this I mean, a professional photographer. You must click the shutter button yourself, or perhaps your spouse, child, or friend, but the photos cannot be from a photo shoot that you had done of your Vizsla. There are many reasons for this, but mainly, those images belong to the photographer that took them. 

2. The photography session should only take five or ten minutes of your time. The article I hope you will read will tell you how to do this and it is really easy to get the photos. You may not think the photograph is great, but trust me it is. I am a painter, not a photographer, so the trash can, kitchen table, house, or whatever else you might see behind the dog doesn't matter to me.

3. Finally, all photos must be provided to me in 30 days, or a refund for your portrait will be issued. 

You will be amazed at how easy and how wonderful your portrait will be. If you have any questions, please call Michael at (417) 434-6870.


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