Vizsla Double Scent

  • Published from the Original Oil Painting
  • Image Size 9" x 12"
  • Print Size 11" x 14"
  • Limited Edition of Only 200 Prints

Michael Steddum has always been amazed with how a good pointing dog can get close to birds and hold them in place for the hunter. Most of the time, the birds are not easy to see until they burst out of thin air, causing your heartbeat to increase. This print captures that thrilling moment. The tension is thick in this one, with the slightly hidden grouse waiting to explode into the air. The beautiful, muscular body of the Vizsla is on full display here making this print perfect for Vizsla fans. 

The print will be shipped to you United States Postal Service, Priority Mail. This means you will have your art in 1-4 days in the US. The print will be Air Mailed to all other parts of the globe. All prints are shipped flat and are very well protected.