"Wait Here" A Limited Edition Flat Coated Retriever Print

  • Published from the Original Watercolor
  • Image Size 8 1/4" x 11"
  • Print Size 11" x 14"
  • Limited Edition of Only 200 Prints
There’s nothing more freeing than a long car ride; the wind blowing your hair, the fresh air, the glistening sun, and your best pal in the passenger seat. This retriever is patiently awaiting her master’s return. The puppy like demeanor of even adult Flat Coated Retrievers is a charming aspect if its personality that many FCR owners love. Michael Steddum has captured that charm exquisitely in this print. 
The print will be shipped to you United States Postal Service, Priority Mail. This means you will have your art in 1-4 days in the US. The print will be Air Mailed to all other parts of the globe. All prints are shipped flat and are very well protected.

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