"Sentries" Limited Edition Print


Small Print $60

  • Image Size 7 5/16" x 15"
  • Print Size 11" x 17"

Large Print $95

  • Image Size 9 3/4"" x 20"
  • Print Size 12 1/2" x 22"

Details of Print

  • Limited Edition of Only 150 Prints
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity (large print only)
  • Includes the story about the painting
  • Published from the Original Oil Painting
  • Shrink-wrapped on foam core, shipped flat, in a custom-made box to your door
  • Free Shipping in the USA

    (Thought’s from the Artist) When I was a kid I joined the Navy as a cook. On my first ship, we set sail in the Pacific. I knew how to make scrambled eggs, but sailing to Hawaii was something that I just trusted the Captain and Commanders knew how to do. The yellow bottles represent the officers in the Navy with their "scrambled eggs" on the brim of their hats. The clear syrup bottle represents me, a lowly cook in the Navy. “Sentries” is about trusting authority that has been placed over each one of us for our benefit and in the services they provide. If I had to set sail for a destination in the Navy, I would have been lost and eventually shark food, which is weird to say, because the cook would become a meal.

    Everything about this print is designed to be the very best. Each work of art is delivered to your doorstep in a custom made shipping box. The paper prints are shrink-wrapped on foam core, are shipped flat, and well protected. This is a high-quality piece of fine art delivered to your home, the way you have come to expect everything from Michael Steddum to be.